Gorenje, BD2136AX, Built In Double Oven



Product Description

Gorenje, BD2136AX, Built In Double Oven in Stainless Steel.

Two spacious ovens provide ample space so you can cook either a large meal or separate foods all at once, saving you time.

It also has AquaClean technology, which means you pour half a litre of tap water into a baking tray, place it into the cavity and select the AquaClean option. The steam generated by the auto-heat program (70°C) acts to soften the dirt on the oven walls. After approximately half an hour simply wipe down the oven with a soft cloth. Using no cleaners whatsoever, the result is astounding as well as environmentally friendly, this simple design saves you time and money.

Cooking Functions:

Base and Top Heat
Convectional with Fan
Base Heat
Grill and Fan
Base Heat and Fan
Base Heat with Circular Heater and Fan
Small Infra Grill