It is not only professional cooks who are on fire when it comes to cooking with gas. The energy, which is just as economical as it is ecological, is perfectly suited to modern kitchens. Gas ensures precise, quick cooking on an open flame with exact and quick-reactive temperature controls. Pioneering design combined with the state-of-the-art technology. Professional and convenient controls are combined with the highest of safety standards. And, naturally, the lifelong experience of Küppersbusch in the professional catering equipment line of business also flows into all of the gas appliances.

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Combining the iconic design of the ‘60s with the sophisticated technology of today, the model is part of our best-selling retro collection and is based on the ORB freestanding appliance.
It will be available in a classy pair of colourways fitting of the vintage design – baby blue and bordeaux.
Not just for passionate drivers, it will add an instant touch of individual style, freedom and adventure to any kitchen, while keeping food fresh and full of vital nutrients.
Volkswagen is one of the strongest brands in the world and we’ve really stepped up a gear with this partnership.
As the producer of the original Retro refrigerator, there’s no better way to complement our product than with the beloved and iconic VW campervan and we’re excitedly looking forward to seeing how we can drive sales with this unique addition to our range.
It’s not solely about vintage styling, however. This special edition appliance boasts the highest achievable energy-efficiency rating (A+++), has a gross capacity of 260 litres and includes IonAir and DynamiCooling food preservation technology.
The new Gorenje Retro special edition VW Bulli model will be available in Q2 2017 from Ness Appliances, contact us today for more information.
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